On 27 Janurary we held a press conference announcing our intent to file a lawsuit against Mayor Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee in order to win our permit to rally and march.

We had planned to do it inside, with a podium and actual sound equipment. However, when we got there, the doors were locked. Luckily employees leaving the building let us in, only for us to find that the space didn't appear prepared for an event. We learned that the clerk we worked with to reserve the space allegedly mixed up the dates.

Now, we'd be willing to accept this as an honest mistake if we didn't have to jump through all kinds of hoops to even get a reservation in the first place. After being told we wouldn't be able to reserve the space because we aren't a non-profit (despite the fact that we reserved the space in October 2019 for a similar purpose) we had representatives go in-person to set our reservation up. We have a paper trail that shows the correct date on our form.

The reality is that the city did not want us to use this space because they want our demonstration to disappear. Mayor Barrett and his administration want a certain image presented of Milwaukee when the DNC comes to town in July. They don't want protests, they don't want demonstrations. They want to pretend that Milwaukee is a city without problems.

This most recent attempt to silence us will not go unchallenged. It only further strengthens our case against the city. If you haven't done so yet, join us at our next organizing meeting at 5pm on February 7th at 1001 E. Keefe Avenue!