We've got some bad and some good news to share with you all. First, the bad: we have to postpone our planned first meeting, which was set to take place this upcoming Thursday, October 3. The new date for our meeting, as such, will be *October 11 at 5 PM in the rotunda at city hall*. The reason? Well, that's the good news: at the time of our original meeting (5 PM), Voces de la Frontera will be marshaling supporters to attend the Fire & Police Commission session where they're demanding that the Milwaukee Police Department ceases collaboration with ICE.

We're proud to say that the Coalition to March on the DNC 2020 will be there to support Voces and the broader immigrant community in Milwaukee, and further will be there to advocate for #NoMoreDeportations, #Legalization4All, and to #EndPoliceTerror, all elements of our points of unity.

We encourage all of our supporters to mobilize for this vote, to stand in solidarity with the people in their struggle against ICE, the police, and the terror that each instills in the immigrant community here in Milwaukee and across the country.