For Immediate Release

Who: Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention (DNC)

What: Press Conference--Coalition to March on the DNC threatens lawsuit against Mayor Barrett and City of Milwaukee

Where: Milwaukee City Hall

When: Monday, January 27 at 6:00pm

Why: In the spring of 2019 the Coalition to March on the DNC submitted a request to the City of Milwaukee for a permit. The City Permitting Office under Mayor Tom Barrett has failed to deliver this permit.

“Mayor Tom Barrett is spending tens of millions on welcoming Wall Street billionaires and the Democratic National Committee, but is refusing us a permit to march. We want the permit now!” says Ryan Hamann, spokesperson for the Coalition to March on the DNC.

Hamann emphasizes, “We are consulting civil rights attorneys to sue the City over this denial of basic democratic rights. We know Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Police and the Secret Service have been meeting for six months yet have failed to provide us a permit or even talk to us.”

The Coalition to March on the DNC is planning a mass march to the Fiserv Forum at noon on Monday, July 13, 2020, with protesters coming from across the country. Their primary purpose is to get Trump out of office. The dozens of groups making up the Coalition are united around a progressive nine point agenda.