The Coalition to March on the DNC is having their first meeting on 11 October at 5:00 PM at city hall in downtown Milwaukee. The Coalition brings together a variety of groups by promoting a number of progressive demands. The Coalition is seeking other organizations to officially endorse the march & commit to participating in the effort at this meeting.

Earlier in 2019, the Coalition filed a request for a special event permit with the City of Milwaukee to peacefully assemble on 13 July 2020, the first day of the convention. After months of waiting, the Coalition has yet to hear back from city officials. As a result, after the meeting on 11 October, the Coalition intends to hold a demonstration at city hall demanding the city honor their permit request.

Ryan Hamann, a member of the Coalition to March on the DNC & representative of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, comments on this denial from the city & the purpose of the organizing effort.

“We’re demanding permits to march so we can promote the issues of working & oppressed people,” Hamann said. “The main thing is to defeat Trump, and to do that we need to advance an agenda that, among other things, demands no more wars, climate action now, and an end to police terror.”

The Coalition is expecting to mainly draw people from the city of Milwaukee & other parts of Wisconsin, but is also looking regionally and nationally for endorsements & participation. Tom Burke, an out-of-state supporter, intends to be present for the occasion.

“I’m coming from Michigan and people from all around the country are coming to march on the DNC for a people’s agenda,” Burke said.

Those interested in joining or endorsing the Coalition to March on the DNC may contact their official Facebook page, send an email to, or call Ryan Hamann at (920) 385-3503 or Tom Burke at (773) 844-3612.